Gynaecological cancers have some of the worst outcomes for women. In Australia, one in 3 women can expect to be diagnosed with cancer. Of these, one in 8 will be gynaecological, with one new cancer diagnosed every 2 hours. Gynaecological cancers represent about 10% of cancers in women and cause 9% of their cancer related deaths.

4 women die every day of gynaecological cancer

and 15 women will be diagnosed

Gynaecological cancers include cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, uterine cancer and other cancers of the vagina and vulva.

But we know KNOWLEDGE is power…

Understanding the symptoms will save lives, which is why we are calling on you this gynaecological cancer awareness month to talk more openly about these life-saving issues.

Let’s get talking girls.

If you are concerned or have questions regarding the symptoms of gynaecological cancer book a doctor’s appointment or pick up the phone!

Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation: (07) 3177 1099


There are many symptoms that can be related to various gynaecological cancers. Some of the common ones are:

– Vaginal bleeding between periods

– Period irregularities such as heavier or longer bleeding than usual

-Bleeding or pain after intercourse

-Unusual vaginal discharge

-Abdominal bloating


-Back, abdominal or pelvic pain

Many of these symptoms might are common and may not be related to cancer at all, however it is always best to make sure.

If you have any of these symptoms or are concerned about your risk of gynaecological cancer, pick up the phone and book an appointment with your doctor.

For more information on gynaecologic cancer causes, symptoms, prevention and treatment go to http://www.cancer.org.au/policy-and-advocacy/prevention-policy/common-cancers/gynaecological/